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    Home Inspection In Las Vegas, NV

    Sure about the conditions of the new home you are about to purchase in Las Vegas, NV? Precedence One can help you know the truth!

    For most people, purchasing a new home is one of the biggest investments of their lives. So, it is quite essential to know a home well before making such a huge transaction. The home you are excited to purchase might have faulty electrical wiring, pest infestations, or a damaged plumbing system which can come out as a ‘hidden cost’ after you have bought the home.

    At Precedence One home inspection, Las Vegas, our certified home inspectors can provide you with thorough home inspections to make sure that the property you are buying is actually worth the money. With our transparent and detailed inspection reports consisting of the findings and repair recommendations, you can decide if you want to buy, negotiate, or walk away from the property.

    Our Property Inspection Services

    At Precedence One Home Inspections LLC, we offer our services of property inspection in Las Vegas. If you are worried about spending a huge amount of money on a property of your choice, we recommend that you avail of our excellent home inspection in Las Vegas and surrounding areas. Our certified home inspectors will run a thorough inspection of your residential and commercial property and let you know its condition.


    At Precedence One Home Inspections LLC in Las Vegas, Nevada, we provide property inspection services to residential and commercial clients. The job includes on-site, computer-generated reports and e-mail capability. We accomplish this for buyers and agents, so they can have transparent and successful transactions. Our team gives all the info promptly, and we even provide same-day services.

    Professionals who work as first responders, in law enforcement, or the military will be receive discounts. Contact us for further information.

    How It Works

    Non-Invasive Inspection:

    Our home inspection is a non-invasive technique to find out if there is any kind of issue with the property.

    All around Inspection:

    Our experienced and certified home inspectors will check on each and every component of your house and let you know if there are any abnormalities found.

    Detailed home inspection Report:

    After a thorough inspection, our home inspector will prepare a detailed and comprehensive home inspection report for you.

    Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

    The average cost of a home inspection in Las Vegas, NV costs $325. The prices can vary depending on the size of the house that is being inspected.

    The most common problems found in home inspections include pest infestations, faulty electrical wiring, damaged plumbing and leakage, flooding, mold, etc.

    What Our Client Say


    Our goal is to provide the benefit of quality home inspections, focusing on client’s needs and preferences. Allow us to meet your expectations and provide you with great customer service.

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